Salif Soumahoro
Thank you for visiting my page!

    I am an Actor, Content Creator, and Model who was born and raised in Harlem, New York, to Ivorian immigrants. I did not see much positivity in the environment I grew up in; dealing with economic hardship, violence, gangs, and drugs; as well as classism and racism. To capture a break from reality, I looked to film, TV, and video games. 
   It provided an escape for me. I watched in awe of whatever was in that 24 inch screen. I wanted to be whatever I saw; A lawyer from a courtroom drama, a spy from a spy movie, basketball star, the list goes on and on. Media for me, gave me life lessons, hope, drive, passion, experience and escape. It helped me with my own  experiences as I navigated through life.
I want to provide that for people. Tell stories that: convey emotion, entertain, educate, deliver experience, and inspire. Helping people and hopefully bringing positive change.